Knitting as Stress-Therapy? You bet!…

Christening outtfit

Knitting as Stress-Therapy.…

I am not big on how to write posts, so I am just going to write about what first come to mind…. 

 When I go to Wal-Mart I always visit the fabric section to see if there are any newly arrived yarns, since my very favored hobby is knitting.   So, I checked the yarns and as I saw this beautiful, fall colored yarn, it was an instant inspiration: Hmmm…I could make a nice sweater for my grandson out of this!  This sort of thing happens to me all the time, ever since I got pregnant with my first child thirty six years ago. 

I am a knitting freak!   As soon as I see a ball of yarn that catches my eye, I can’t resist, have to have it.  I could talk about yarns and knitting for hours, it is my all time favored subject.    For me, knitting is the best stress relief therapy and, on top of that, I get the best ideas while knitting.  Especially this time of the year, when the weather is cooling off, and the foggy Tracy days and long, dark winter evening are just around the corner.  Like the squirrels stacking up on walnuts for the winter, I am stacking up on yarns to work with.  Nothing is gives me a better feeling like when, after I’m finished with the garment, which is more likely a sweater, a cap, or a jacket for one of my grand kids, and I give it to them, and their eyes lit up and they thank me for it with a big hug and next day my daughters tell me that the kid slept in it, wouldn’t want to take it off, not even for the night! It lets me forget all my troubles and puts a smile on my face!   

 Please, do not take this as bragging, but I have to share this story with you:  We have a group of Realtors in Tracy, who are involved in the Brighter Christmas Fundraiser event to raise money for the less fortunate.  I am a member of this group for the past six years.  I never was in a position to be able to contribute money, but instead, I knitted a sweater every year that was auctioned off on these events.  Every year, repeatedly, the same person was able to secure my knitted sweaters for his niece.  Before the fundraising event, he used to approach me and wanted to make sure that I will make a sweater again this year.   And when I asked why, he told me that his niece just can’t wait to wear those beautiful sweaters that no one else has.  It gave me such a nice feeling to know that my creations are being so much appreciated.

So far, the christening outfit for my grand daughter was the most labor extensive piece I have ever knitted: it took me 2 full years to make it.  As you can see it on this picture above, it was worth it: a lot of stitches, many, many hours….but it turned out so beautiful….:)

Eva Bradley