Meet the “Eagles to Be”


Once again, on September 10th of this year, Dennis Stewart with Realty World NCA gathered the agents who signed up for the prestiges Eagle course. The first week was all about getting used to each other and to Dennis’ rules.   Our assignments for the fourth week were to write an article about the Eagles. Instead of writing about the course, I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to introduce the group members individually as I see them.

 Meet the “Magnificent ourteen”:

Sue Langdon, she has to be the first not only because she is my broker, but also because Sue is one of the nicest people you can ever hope to meet.  Sue has her challenges to keep up with the ever evolving technology, but giving an extra effort to learn it.

Jennifer West: Jennifer is a very busy lady, her phone never stops ringing and she takes care of fifteen different things all at the same time, but you would never notice, because she always has a minute to listen to us. I don’t know how she does it…

Sharon Camilleri: Sharon always keeps a cool head and looking at things in a most logical way.

Susan Wilson: Susan never seems to run out of questions, which is a good thing, because that is how one can learn.

Debbie Rouhtier:  Although, Debbie’s challenge is to get up early in the morning, she almost always manages to come to the meetings on time.

Chiquita Redmond:  Chiquita looks, speaks and behaves as professional as one can be

Tony Sanchez: Tony has the most colorful personality; he makes jokes about everybody and everything

Sandy Frits: Sandy is the helping hand for Tony…..but she doesn’t seem to mind.  Sandy is always smiling, always friendly – great attitude.

Steve Davis: Steve is an admirable person with an admirable family…sends out emails to everybody.

Randy Elliott: Randy’s jokes and funny remarks are coming to him so naturally and easy, along with many good ideas.

Cameron Riegel: Cameron is the tallest man in the room, friendly and very professional.

Darryl Manson: the quite guy…Darryl knows more than what he makes us believe he does.

Yulanda Ong: she has a really nice personality. Yulanda brings goodies for everybody, which is very much appreciated  

Oh, and me, Eva Bradley: eager to apply all the new technology that Realty World provides, to differentiate us and helps us rise above all the other real estate companies.

Well, here we all are, learning to spread our wings, as young eagles do.  Hopefully, by the end of this course, we all will be soaring in the skies and looking at our business from a total different perspective.  We all owe a big thank you to Dennis Stewart and a big thanks to Realty World NCA to help us reach and supersede our performances as Realtors® and to provide the highest level of customer service our clients deserve.