My “good deed of this Season”….

Most of us are affected by the downturn of the economy in more then one direction, but nobody feels it more than a small business owner. 

Small companies are the backbone of our economy and most of them are struggling; trying to safe money to pay the employees and bills when job orders are practically none existent, is staggering chore for a family operated business or small enterprise.  The last thing on their mind is to give out money  for advertisement.

 This gave me the idea of promoting a few of these local small businesses on mantinytwinkletreey website, to give them a little bit of exposure, as sort of like my “good deed for this Holiday Season”:  It is my pleasure to introduce to you Allegiance Roofing, Inc,.

Allegiance Roofing is a family owned business:  Susan Tanupo and her husband Sako Tanupo own this company since 2000 and were, until recently, operating mainly in the San Jose area. 

A little over a year ago, Susan and Sako moved to Tracy and would like to serve the Tracy and surrounding areas as well.  So, please give them a call when you need a roof or gutter repairs next time and give them a chance to work a little closer to home.

You can reach Susan and Sako by calling 877-roof-344 or by emailing to

Please visit their website for more detailed information.

What is your “good deed of this Holiday Season”?  Please feel free to share it with me….

                                                                                                                   Eva Bradleyanthebusinessofhelping2

2 thoughts on “My “good deed of this Season”….”

  1. Eva – It is good to read about quality people that can help with our homes. Good tradespersons are hard to find. Thank you for sharing good people with us. Steve

  2. Eva-That is an awesome idea! Thank your for sharing your “good deed” of this season.

    Here is my story:

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