Commuting – Not For everyone!

For 12 years now my husband and I live in Tracy, 26 miles east of the Dublin – Pleasanton area.  Moving to Tracy from Sunnyvale was quite a lifestyle change for us; our lives were all of the sudden more relaxed and better. Tracy still has that small town feeling, where Tracy Press, the local newspaper, still lists the reason daily why the police and fire department was called out.   Schools are excellent and neighbors are nice to each other. 

Tracy is a sleeper town, which means a big portion of its population, my husband included, is commuting to work to the San Francisco bay area day after day.  With affordable home prices and close proximity to the Silicon Valley many are attracted to move to Tracy and Mountain House area.

There is only one thing that is not so desirable about living in Tracy: the commute. Prospecting homebuyers beware; you are strongly advised to keep in mind that you will be spending a lot of your time on the road traveling to and from work.  If you are fortunate and able to use the ACE Train or carpool you are set.  But if you need to use your own vehicle and commute back and forth, sooner or later it is going to take a toll not only on you but also on your vehicle.  Commuting is not for everyone; it is stressful and while some can handle it, others can’t. Although the widening of Hwy 205 last year gave us a bit of a relief, the roads are still congested, especially during peak commute.

My suggestion is that if you are thinking of buying a property in Tracy or surroundings, do some traveling during the peak commute time to check out just how much time you would need to spend on the road.  Home prices are a lot lower here than in the Bay Area and interest rates are still in your favor; living in Tracy is well worth it.  It is good to live here!

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