Market Trends In Tracy, CA – October, 2015

anrealestatenewsTemperatures cooling off, day light hours shorten, leaves changing colors and falling – all signs of seasonal changes. Fall is here.

Real estate market conditions around Tracy are still good – no signs of seasonal slowing just yet. Mortgage interest rates did not move too much up or down and as it seems, it will stay like this for a foreseeable future.

Her are the statistical numbers for the month of September, 2015:

As of today, 10/01/2015, 225 homes are actively listed homes for sale, combined in Tracy -Tracy Rural and Mountain House area.

In September 109 Homes have been sold. These homes have been on the market on an average of 30 days before they got sold.

The Average SOLD price in September was $423,579. This is slightly higher than it was in the month before.

List price versus Sales price is right around 100%. This means that home sales prices are holding steady.

It is a great time to sell, but at the same time, a great time to buy real estate! It remains to be seen in which direction the real estate market will be heading in the next few months – we will all be facing changes in the industry; buyers, sellers, lenders, realtors and title companies will all be affected by these changes. Contact me if you would like to hear more details!

Data have been collected and interpreted from MetroList Multiple Listing Service.

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Tips When Selling Home With Pets

What Sellers Should Know About Pets and Showings

Cigany2 Buyers and their agents need to feel welcome to look at the property at their leisure without danger or distractions. So while you adore your sweet-tempered pit bull rescue, he could turn territorial, barking and growling at potential homebuyers. And it could cost you the opportunity to sell your home.

Think of buyers as guests and work to make them feel comfortable as they consider your home for purchase. If you have a protective dog or one that isn’t well-trained, drop her off at doggie day care when you know your home is going to be shown. Or call a pet sitter on call who can take your pet for a long walk while your home is being shown.

If you must leave the dog at home, don’t expect real estate professionals to handle your dog. They are not dog trainers and should not be expected to risk a dog bite to show your home to buyers. This is where crate-training can be a huge advantage. At least your dog is secured and more inclined to relax while your home is being shown. Continue reading

Functionality – Important Factor When Buying A Home

Focus On Functionality When Buying Your Home

webheader readyYou have to live somewhere. For most of us, the choice is simply functional — we all need food, clothing, and shelter, but we also want our homes to function well for our needs and preferences.

Functionality begins with making a good decision, based on your requirements and what you can afford. Whether you rent or buy, you decide which home to choose based on affordability, availability and functionality.

Renting is a great option for the short term, when you’re building your savings and may have another move or two before settling down to a home of your own. The functions of renting are independence, affordability, and mobility. As your life matures, you may become more interested in homebuying because your ideas of functionality may change. Continue reading

Tracy CA Real Estate Trends- August 2015

anrealestatenewsSummer is the main season of the Real Estate market here in Tracy. With fall season starting in just a few weeks, conditions for selling and buying homes in and around Tracy is still in full swing, no signs of slowing any time soon. Inventory of available homes for sale have increased slightly, interest rates of home loans are holding steady in a low range still. Home prices are holding steady, increasing slightly in a slower but steady pace. Continue reading

Tips to Eliminate Odors in Your home

Quickly Eliminate Unwanted Odors and Keep Them Away

A survey by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) discovered that more than 80 percent of homeowners make a direct correlation between the cleanliness of their floors and their family’s health. However, the organization notes that a major part of preventing airborne contaminants and keeping your home healthy is odor removal. We might remember to take off our shoes or mop during the weekly cleaning routine, but we often overlook other odors in our closets, laundry and even the ones coming from pets. Here are some quick and easy ways to eliminate odors and help keep them away.

Just add lemon

Adding some lemon can go a long way in eliminating odors from a fish dinner or a funky garbage disposal. Whip up a concoction like the one the professional chefs use after cooking a particularly smelly dinner. The recipe from This Old House: boil two cups of water; add three tablespoons of baking soda and a lemon peel.

Now use the rest of that lemon as a natural disinfectant. Dilute with water and clean stains from your countertops and cutting boards while killing germs at the same time. When you’re done boiling the lemon peel, throw it and any leftover rind down the drain while it’s running along with cold water to clear the smell from your funky garbage disposal.

Give your pet a scent makeover

You might be sniffing out bad odors to your curtains and carpeting, but your pets could be the offending culprits. Fortunately it’s entirely possible to deodorize your pets. Give your pet a regular bath and scrub out their dishes and litter boxes by soaking it with a half inch of vinegar. In a pinch, sprinkle fur with baking soda, rub through and brush it out. They’ll love the attention and smell better too.

Add fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are an eye-catching way to eliminate odor from your home while giving it a style boost. While the arrangement might not have time to completely eliminate unwanted odors in your kitchen or living room, it can mask the smell in the meantime. Flowers are also great when guests are coming over and you’re pressed for time. If you’re the type who keeps fresh arrangements around the house on a regular basis, this part should be pretty easy; however, for many of us, stopping for fresh flowers several times a week is inconvenient when you’ve already got a full schedule. In this case, check out an online flower retailer and have them delivered.

Remove the flowers before they start dropping leaves and turning the water putrid. Pull off any remaining leaves that look healthy and let them dry on a clean countertop. To help eliminate lurking odors in your sock drawer or linen closet, turn the dried flowers into a satchet.

Douse with vinegar

It’s tempting to leave expired food in the fridge and deal with it tomorrow. Instead, immediately throw out any expired or spoiled food. To eliminate germs and odors, wipe down your fridge walls and shelves with white vinegar. To keep new odors at bay, open a box of baking soda and add a pretty dish of lemon slices to keep your fridge smelling fresh.

Before you throw out your old gym clothes or smelly towels, Lifehacker says all you have to do is add vinegar to your wash. Wash the offending laundry in hot water and add two cups of white vinegar without adding detergent. Then wash for a second time with your regular laundry soap.

Sprinkle coffee grounds

Don’t spend a fortune on store-bought odor-eliminators. Instead, fill a few shallow bowls with fresh coffee grounds and shut the door to the room. Let sit overnight.

Coffee grounds can also be canned and put in a footlocker or trunk to get rid of particularly awful odors after a sweaty basketball game or day of fishing. If you need to deodorize something specific like old shoes, place in a bag with coffee grounds and seal tightly. Let it sit a few days and open, launder in vinegar and enjoy the fresh scent.

Written by Realty Times Staff

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