Keep Warmth Inside Your Home

How to Eliminate Air Leaks In Drafty Doors This Winterwinterbirdhouse

The only thing worse than cold drafts coming into your home and warm air escaping during the blustery winter season is seeing the proof on your heating bill. Whether your home is heated via gas or electric, those tiny cracks that seem so insignificant can actually have a huge impact on your wallet.

During the daytime, look for any light coming through the space between your exterior doors and their thresholds, jambs and casings. You can pretty much guarantee that where there’s light coming through, there’s air as well. If you don’t see light but can feel the cold, you can double check for drafts by holding a lit candle or lighter near the cracks and watching to see if the flame flickers. Continue reading

New Smoke Alarm Law – Tracy, California

A residential smoke detector is the most famil...

Smoke alarm laws taking effect

by Glenn Moore Tracy Press

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New smoke detector laws, including a change that took effect July 1, are intended to keep working alarms in rental properties and homes in Tracy and throughout California.

State Senate Bills 1394 and 745 are phasing in rules for installation and types of smoke alarms during the next two years.

Division Chief Steve Hanlon of the Tracy fire department said the laws acknowledged a growing — and dangerous — trend observed by fire crews statewide and locally. Continue reading

How to Escape Water Shortages

Cacti are not the only low water consuming pla...
Cacti are not the only low water consuming plants used in Xeriscaping. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In many parts of the country, from California to Texas, green lawns of grass are not indigenous to the region. To make them work, you need copious amounts of water to keep them looking their best.

Non-native landscaping contributes to water shortages in some areas, resulting in strict watering restrictions, even in high-end gated communities such as Santa Luz in San Diego. The Santa Luz homeowners association requires that all landscaping is xeriscaped using only plants native to California.

Water shortages are growing. Nevada’s Lake Mead has reportedly dropped to less than 40 percent of its full level, reports Texas has reported drought conditions for the last three years.

How can homeowners help? Continue reading

New State Law – New Scam

Carbon monoxide
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After the new California carbon monoxide meter law took effect in July 2011, scammers found a new way to make money. 

To avoid being the scammers’ next victim I recomend to read the following article in Tracy Press : “Safety Requirement May Be Scam Opportunity

Carbon monoxide meters are available in most major warehouses and stores like Walmart, Costco, Orchard Supply and many others and cost no more than  $25 to $40.

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Free Pictures With Santa Claus

It is my pleasure to announce our traditional “Pictures with Santa” event this Holiday Season. This year we are celebrating our 16th anniversary of this popular event.

 Realty World Corral Hollow Real Estate and Property Management is investing a lot of time, money and effort every year to make this event a memorable one for many Tracy residents.  

Once again Sue Langdon and Jennifer West as owners, its agents and property management staff, are working feverishly to “deck the halls” to be ready just in time for Santa’s visit this weekend. Preparations are well on their way: candles lit, presents wrapped, and the Christmas tree has already been decorated and lighted; the holiday spirit is here. We welcome children of all ages!

Welcome to all of our returning customers who are back year after year to have their children and now also their grandchildren to be photographed with Santa.

Every family with children will have pictures taken with Santa Claus, kids receive a bag filled with goodies from Santa Claus and will automatically enter in a drawing for a bicycle, all this at no cost.

Families are encouraged to enter in a drawing to take home a decorated Christmas tree at the end of the day.

Refreshments: cookies and soft drinks – and while waiting for a visit with Santa, movies for the kids will be provided. Pictures will be ready for pickup the same day.

Date: December 11th, 2010

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Location: 104 W. 10th Street, Tracy, CA 95376

Please contact me for more detailed information:, 209-914-0683

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Naughty or Nice – Sticks or Treats…

Knecht Ruprecht (on the left) and St. Nicholas.
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Today is Staint Nicholas Day in Europe.

In European countries December 6th is a much anticipated day by children: Saint Nickolas Day. On this special day, St. Nick surprises children with treats if they behaved well during the year. Those who were naughty, receive coal and sticks from St. Nicholas’ helper, Knecht Ruprecht. Continue reading