Are You A Bargain Hunter?

Five Ways Bargain Hunting For Homes Can Backfire

red houseIt’s natural to want to save money when you’re making a purchase as large as a home. You want to buy the best home in the best neighborhood at the best price, and to do that, you may think you have to shop in the bargain bin.

FSBOs (for sale by owner,) foreclosures, and short sales aren’t as plentiful as equity listed homes — homes listed with a real estate agent by the seller. You may even scour the MLS (multiple listing service) for signs of desperate sellers, such as homes priced AS-IS, or homes that have been on the market for months. Continue reading

How Important Is Square Footage?

appraisalsheet How Important Is Square Footage?

MLSs use it. Insurers use it. Appraisers use it. Tax Assessors use it. When it comes to real estate, there’s no avoiding square footage as a measure of any home’s value. But how much is square footage worth to you as a homebuyer? Knowing the square footage can be helpful, but it shouldn’t be the main tool to determine your offer price.

Square footage measurements aren’t exact, nor are they taken the same way by every person. For example, your local tax assessor or appraiser may determine square footage by measuring the outside of the house. A real estate professional, on the other hand, typically counts only indoor living space to determine square footage. Continue reading

Renovating This Year?

Home Renovations To Invest In And Avoid In 2015 Conventional wisdom tells us that any home renovation is a positive thing: money in is money out. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some remodeling projects are a better investment than others, and the projects that yield the best return on investment can change from year to year. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2015 Cost vs. Value Report, these five replacement projects will make the greatest percentage impact on the value of your home this year — accounting for cost-to-value ratio, the key to making smart home improvements with resale in mind: Continue reading

Tracy Market Conditions.



Market Conditions for Tracy, CaliforniaReported by Eva Bradley, Broker, CDPE, ePRO, 01259238

As of February 21, 2015.

Current Market Rating: 4


Current Price Trend: 4


Winter time is winding down, selling homes in Tracy is speeding up. Prices are climbing at slow but steady pace. Tracy real estate market is moving along. Inventory of available homes is still low, interest rates on loans are still low. New home sales are in a full swing; a few new home builders offering a wide variety of homes in prices, sizes and elevations.
Here are the real estate statistics for the month of January, 2015: 78 homes have been sold in the Month of January. 156 homes are actively listed for sale in Tracy, Tracy rural and Mountain House.
The average days on the market for the sold homes: 52 days. This means that homes are on the market for a few days longer than in the months before.
The percentage for sales price verses sold price for the month of June is 98%. What the statistical report suggest that we still have a steady real estate market with a slight upward trend.
Data have been collected and interpreted by me from MetrolistMLS data. Please contact me if you would like to have a personalized market condition report prepared for a different Central Valley Area or City.

ZIP Codes: 95376, 95377, 95398

Approximate Location Boundaries: Tracy, Mountain House, Rural Tracy

Location Characteristics: Tracy is located in the Central Valley, California, 26 Miles East of the Dublin-Livermore-Pleasanton corridor. Most of Tracy population are commuting to the Silicon Valley to work. Tracy is proud of low crime rates and excellent schools. Summers are hot, winters are foggy. Tracy is in the process of attracting big companies, like Amazon and FedEx, giving the opportunity for residents to find higher paying jobs locally.

For More Information:

About Eva Bradley:
My home town is Tracy, Ca. I am serving the Central Valley Region since 1999: Lathrop, Manteca, Patterson and Modesto..

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Keep Warmth Inside Your Home

How to Eliminate Air Leaks In Drafty Doors This Winterwinterbirdhouse

The only thing worse than cold drafts coming into your home and warm air escaping during the blustery winter season is seeing the proof on your heating bill. Whether your home is heated via gas or electric, those tiny cracks that seem so insignificant can actually have a huge impact on your wallet.

During the daytime, look for any light coming through the space between your exterior doors and their thresholds, jambs and casings. You can pretty much guarantee that where there’s light coming through, there’s air as well. If you don’t see light but can feel the cold, you can double check for drafts by holding a lit candle or lighter near the cracks and watching to see if the flame flickers. Continue reading

CMAs vs. Appraisals

Ever wondered what the difference between CMAs (Comparable Market Analysis) is? The following article will help you understand: appraisalsheet


Why CMAs and Appraisals Aren’t The Same As part of the homebuying process, your real estate agent may create a comprehensive market analysis or CMA. Later, when you apply for a mortgage, a bank appraisal is conducted by a licensed appraiser. Are CMAs and appraisals the same thing? Continue reading

Roofing Solutions – Repair or Peplace

Solutions For Reroofing Your Home


Reroofing is necessary maintenance, depending on your roof‘s materials. Finding a roofing solution that is the most cost effective and longest lasting can be confusing – how do you find what’s best for your home and budget?

The average roof consists of three layers of material. Resting atop your rafter boards is the first layer, known as the solid decking. On top of that is a layer of felt underlay, and finally comes the roofing shingles. Extra materials include flashing, a kind of siding that extends the roofing protection to the sides of the house, eves, and chimneys, and rain gutters.

You may only need to replace the underlay and shingles, but chances are good that you may need repairs to rafters or to the decking. So, the first thing you need to know is how your roof is constructed. Continue reading

New Smoke Alarm Law – Tracy, California

A residential smoke detector is the most famil...

Smoke alarm laws taking effect

by Glenn Moore Tracy Press

Jul 12, 2014 | 721 views | 2 2 comments | 4 4 recommendations | email to a friend | print

New smoke detector laws, including a change that took effect July 1, are intended to keep working alarms in rental properties and homes in Tracy and throughout California.

State Senate Bills 1394 and 745 are phasing in rules for installation and types of smoke alarms during the next two years.

Division Chief Steve Hanlon of the Tracy fire department said the laws acknowledged a growing — and dangerous — trend observed by fire crews statewide and locally. Continue reading

How to Escape Water Shortages

Cacti are not the only low water consuming pla...
Cacti are not the only low water consuming plants used in Xeriscaping. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In many parts of the country, from California to Texas, green lawns of grass are not indigenous to the region. To make them work, you need copious amounts of water to keep them looking their best.

Non-native landscaping contributes to water shortages in some areas, resulting in strict watering restrictions, even in high-end gated communities such as Santa Luz in San Diego. The Santa Luz homeowners association requires that all landscaping is xeriscaped using only plants native to California.

Water shortages are growing. Nevada’s Lake Mead has reportedly dropped to less than 40 percent of its full level, reports Texas has reported drought conditions for the last three years.

How can homeowners help? Continue reading