CMA – Compareable Market Analysis


What Sellers Should Know About CMAs

Whether you are buying or selling a home, your real estate professional can give you a snapshot of the local market known as the competitive or comparative market analysis or CMA. These are convenient reports that help sellers choose a listing price and buyers to make competitive offers on a given home.

CMAs are generated from multiple listing service software and vary greatly depending on the search fields that are input by the real estate professional. Each quantifier makes the search increasingly specific – type of home (detached vs. attached), zip code, number of bedrooms, baths and living areas, square footage, and numerous other search criteria. Continue reading

How to Prepare Yourself for Offers

3 Key Pre-Offer Home Seller Actions

welcometulipsSellers who wait until they’re faced with a buyer’s offer to purchase before initiating three key actions, may be forcing themselves to make too many decisions at once and too quickly.

Most of us are nervous about decision making. Many lack confidence in their ability. Yet, sellers will be faced with quickly making multiple financial, legal, and lifestyle decisions when a buyer’s offer is presented to them. Continue reading

Selling your Home? Stage Your Garage, Too.

Stage Your Home, Including The Garage, To Sell

garageIf you were going on an important job interview, you’d dress to impress. That’s exactly what you want to do with your home, too–dress or, rather, stage to impress and sell!

Selling your home requires a keen eye to make it appeal to a wide audience. That means you need to take time to make sure that your house is dressed up and ready to be shown off. Continue reading

CMAs vs. Appraisals

Ever wondered what the difference between CMAs (Comparable Market Analysis) is? The following article will help you understand: appraisalsheet


Why CMAs and Appraisals Aren’t The Same As part of the homebuying process, your real estate agent may create a comprehensive market analysis or CMA. Later, when you apply for a mortgage, a bank appraisal is conducted by a licensed appraiser. Are CMAs and appraisals the same thing? Continue reading

Roofing Solutions – Repair or Peplace

Solutions For Reroofing Your Home


Reroofing is necessary maintenance, depending on your roof‘s materials. Finding a roofing solution that is the most cost effective and longest lasting can be confusing – how do you find what’s best for your home and budget?

The average roof consists of three layers of material. Resting atop your rafter boards is the first layer, known as the solid decking. On top of that is a layer of felt underlay, and finally comes the roofing shingles. Extra materials include flashing, a kind of siding that extends the roofing protection to the sides of the house, eves, and chimneys, and rain gutters.

You may only need to replace the underlay and shingles, but chances are good that you may need repairs to rafters or to the decking. So, the first thing you need to know is how your roof is constructed. Continue reading

New Smoke Alarm Law – Tracy, California

A residential smoke detector is the most famil...

Smoke alarm laws taking effect

by Glenn Moore Tracy Press

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New smoke detector laws, including a change that took effect July 1, are intended to keep working alarms in rental properties and homes in Tracy and throughout California.

State Senate Bills 1394 and 745 are phasing in rules for installation and types of smoke alarms during the next two years.

Division Chief Steve Hanlon of the Tracy fire department said the laws acknowledged a growing — and dangerous — trend observed by fire crews statewide and locally. Continue reading

Are You Having Difficulty Paying Your Mortgage? You Are Not Alone…

According to a recent survey one in every seven homeowners is currently not making their mortgage payments for one reason or another.  In case you are one of the troubled homeowners I want you to know that you have options, and Realty World Corral Hollow agents like me are here to help you find solutions that are available to you.

Realty World Corral Hollow agents have always been actively involved in helping the community throughout the years and I am proud to be one of them.  We care about our clients and we care about the community.

In these troubling times, Corral Hollow agents are available for you to educate you and to give you directions as to what would be the best option for your individual situation. A confidential, personal consultation does not cost any money and if you get nothing else out of it, just knowing that there is someone you can trust and talk to, will make you feel better and it will be well worth it.

Being agents at Realty World Corral Hollow, our ongoing education allows us to stay informed of the newest laws, rules and regulations that would affect your situation as a homeowner.

For most of us, our biggest investment in our lives is our home.  And it is worth every effort to fight for it.  As your realtor, I would stand and fight with you, until we can reach a reasonable solution.  Even if you are one day away from foreclosure, there is still time to act. 

I urge you to pick up the phone and call me or any Corral Hollow agent to find out about your options


Real Estate Market Condition Report for Tracy, California

anrealestatenews   Real Estate Updates – Newsletter for January, 2010




Market conditions for 2009

Looking at the year end statistics for Tracy, including the surrounding country area, 2009 wasn’t a bad year for the local real estate market at all, considering the status of real estate market nationally.

Following are the statistics for the month of December, 2009:

  •  Actively listed properties: 208 –  This slightly higher than it was in November (182)
  •   Homes with “Pending” status for the last week of December:25  – This is just a bit lower than it was for the same period in November (27) and mostly do to the holidays.
  •  Number of homes “Sold” in the month of December: 148  – This is a 25% increase compared to the previous month!!! (111) Huge increase! … . Maybe do to the $8,000 Home Buyers’ Tax credit extension? ….
  •  The Average Days on the market of the Sold Properties: 62  – This is an increase from the previous month (34)…almost doubled!

 The charts below reflecting these numbers as well:

market cond.

The statistical report for the year of 2009 is also showing some stabilization: it looks much better in comparison to the past few years. Inventory of available homes was much lower, barely enough to satisfy the huge demand. Sales prices are showing a slight improvement as well. An average, 59% of all homes sold in 2009, where actively marketed for less than 30 days.

  •  In 2009 the number of homes sold: 1958
  •  Average Sales price: $225,260
  •  Average days on the market before selling: 48
  •  Listing Price v. sales Price : 101% (homes were sold 1% higher than the asking price)

The average sales prices of Sold homes have increased slightly towards the end of 2009.

If you would like to have more detailed statistics or for other areas of the Central Valley real estate market, please feel free to call or email me – I would be glad to provide it for you.

A prosperous, happy, healthy New Year to you all!

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